P06. emergentec biodevelopment GmbH, Vienna, Austria
Principal investigator: Bernd Mayer

emergentec biodevelopment GmbH, founded in 2002 and situated in Vienna, Austria, is offering software, know-how and services for data management, integration and analysis in the realm of biomarkers/targets/drugs for stratified medicine. Our lead software platforms BASE, BIO and UNITS cover structured management of heterogeneous data, their integration and presentation, as well as integrated molecular/clinical data analysis utilizing our expert modules tailored at translational clinical research.

In OCTIPS we will further develop the algorithmic fundaments of our platforms, and apply our analysis capabilities in scope of the OCTIPS research aims. Specific activities include:
Embedding the OCTIPS data landscape to come in the background of relevant data in scope
Search for molecular signatures indicative for chemoresistance, from there
Propose biomarker candidates for patient stratification regarding therapy response, and for promising marker candidates
Merge with our database on synthetic lethal interactions for proposing novel therapy targets as well as optimizing combinations of given drugs and drug candidates

emergentec biodevelopment GmbH
Gersthofer Strasse 29-31, 1180 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 1 4034966-0
Fax: +43 1 4034966-19
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OCTIPS team (from right to left): Bernd Mayer, Paul Perco, Thomas Petelin