P09. Innovo Mimetics Limited, Jerusalem, Israel
Principal Investigator: Jonathan Goldstein

Who we are
IML  is an innovation expert, an Israeli SME, advancing the progress in the state-of-the-art of model systems for cancer research.
Key team members include:
Jonathan Goldstein BSc MBA ARCS, CEO (Co-Founder): Background in investments/venture capital, with senior management roles at Endogun, Optical Imaging, Galil Medical, Vision RT. BSc  (Chemistry/Biochemistry) - Imperial College, London; MBA -University of London
Ron Goldstein PhD, CTO (Co-Founder): President of Israel Stem Cell Society. Professor of Biology at Bar Ilan University; laboratory awarded a Government Centre of Academic Excellence (2010) grant. BSc, MSc, PhD – Columbia, NY
Robert Goldstein PhD, R&D Director: Extensive translational oncology experience, including developing a novel colorectal cancer mouse model, and collaborating in drug development with Novartis. BA - Cambridge, UK; MSc, PhD  - Hebrew University, Jerusalem
(note: no family connections between the parties!)

Our expertise
IML was founded in order to commercialise work performed in two top Israeli institutions: Bar Ilan University and Souraski Medical Centre, both in the Tel Aviv Area. These two institutions have been collaborating in the field of translational medicine for many years, focussing on optimising models of the avian embryo model. The resultant work led to a number of papers in areas of both immunology and oncology (See refs 1-6 as examples). Much work has been performed in both solid tumours and liquid malignancies, creating a team with expert knowledge of the workings of the in ovo systems, able to identify and solve any number of hurdles in the process of optimizing such a system for a specific disease model.

Our role in OCTIPS
IML participates in the validation of new therapeutic strategies in our innovative in ovo model. We will use the most efficient drug screening system using the avian egg model, and validate the new therapeutic strategies with cell lines or ascites cells.

Team (from right to left): Ron Goldstein, Robert Goldstein, Jonathan Goldstein

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